About Sick-A-Bit


How Was ‘Sick-A-Bit Entertainment’ Formed?

Sick-A-Bit Entertainment was formed by Michael ‘Madz’ Emmanus (within the month of January 2009) as he had a keen interest in events management and thought it would be a good idea to start his own entertainment company which would also include all types of entertainment. He knew he couldn’t do it by himself so recruited the first member Leon Tiny Madz Mitchell (Co Manager), then later on recruiting Ricardo Younga Madz Francis (Advisor) and Craig Flo Riviere (Graphics Designer). Michael chose these three people as he knew they would work to the best of their abilities and can be highly trusted as they are his cousins.

What Is ‘Sick-A-Bit Entertainment’?

Sick-A-Bit Entertainment is an entertainment company.

What Does Sick-A-Bit Entertainment Do?

Sick-A-Bit Entertainment organise and promote events such as shows, concerts, photoshoots and other forms of entertainment. They also help up and coming artist who they feel are potentially the future of entertainment, by promoting and giving them the right push to be part of today’s industry.

When Did ‘Sick-A-Bit Entertainment’ Start Their Events?

Sick-A-Bit started independent events around April 2009, that was ‘The Photoshoot April 09 – Crystal Palace Park’ (Creative E-fex, SlashJones). Soon after they had done another photoshoot from the success of the first one ‘Get Posing Photoshoot – Photography Studio’ (Complex Elite, SlashJones). In the summer of 2009 Sick-A-Bit had their first big event ‘Flo Rida Concert – Indigo2 (Uks Finest), Only days later they had another big event which was Lloyd Banks Concert – Indigo2 (ProjectUrban). Ever since then Sick-A-Bit Entertainment has been involved in a lot of other events.

What Can People Expect From ‘Sick-A-Bit Entertainment’ In The Future?

What Sick-A-Bit Entertainment does best; Organise more shows, more events, more concerts and much greater things to come.Stay tuned because WE MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!